Europe – Asia-Pacific Exchange Program for Young Elites in Natural Science and Art

A program to impart knowledge, culture and language of the German speaking countries in Europe in China and vice versa.

What is EAPEP?

The Europe Asia Pacific Exchange Program EAPEP is an exchange program of high-school and university students as well as for trainees between the German speaking countries in Europe and China. The EAPEP was designed in collaboration between the Austrian-Chinese Youth Culture Organization (ACYCO) and the Development Education and Study Consulting (DESC) which both have their head offices in Vienna. EAPEP opens up new horizons for the young generations of the participating countries. EAPEP considers itself a “elite factory” for the future.

The EAPEP has developed a project with the objectives to:

  • offering European and Chinese high-school and university students an trainees the possibility to become acquainted with each other and to become friends
  • establishing partnerships between Chinese and the German speaking parts of European schools and academic institutions as well as scientific cooperation
  • operating as a platform for young people to gain during sojourns abroad personally experience, information and impressions about the international development of education, study and culture
  • enable young people getting at the intersection between high-school and university information about a competitive and sustainable choice of academic studies and career

For this purpose EAPEP offers exchange programs distinguished by:

  • establishing intensive relations between the local population and the participants of EAPEP – network already by the individual counseling for the choice of the exchange program and the supervision at the place of study.
  • the EAPEP database where precise information about the school profiles, degree courses, requirements, etc. of stored in our network is available
  • active participation in the education systems, in the academic and cultural activities as well as a broad integration into the society of the hosting country
  • early possibility to become acquainted with society- and economic whose current development suggest an more intensive cooperation in the future

the strategic partner of the EAPEP is the Development Education Study Consulting (DESC). DESC is responsible for the management, the organization and for all services due to the execution of the program on site.

Diagramm EAPEP

Austrian – Chinese Youth Culture Organization

information exchange in order to establish a base for cooperation agreements between Chinese academic institutions and those in German speaking countries

development of model programs for an profitable cooperation between Chinese and European academic and educational institutions

knowledge transfer based on a publicly available network with reliable and up to-date information

a platform for the exchange of educational and scientific materials


Personal contacts of Austrian and Chinese students, experts in the field of education and culture


cooperation of Austrian and Chinese academic institutions and schools

development of learning programs and foreign language teaching


cross cultural cooperation

culture salon: classic and modern culture and life style in China and in Austria Newsletter

Language teaching

DESC –Network
Development Education Study Consulting

academic and economic cooperation

cross culture consulting, commercial information

exchange of in-firm training and further education

communication management

Knowledge transfer

knowledge transfer between China and the German speaking countries

organization of cooperation between schools and academic institutions

exchange programs for high-school and university students

organization of traineeships and co-operative programs of work and study abroad


contact- and information management

translation and interpreting services

foreign language training & coaching for managers and experts

preparation courses for sojourns abroad

intercultural coaching

tution for high-school and university students and trainees


assessments of personality, requirements, interests and expectations

tailor made offers for personal necessities of the customers

individual planning and organization of educational exchanges