Data Protection

DESC is concerned to guarantee all it customers a maximum of data protection. Clicking on the checkbox in the contact and application forms you agree with the below mentioned data a protection dispositions.

What Data are Collected and How are They Stored?

DESC collects personal data such as name of birth, family name, mail and e-mail address only when placed at disposition optionally by the user and so far such data collection is legal and/or consented by the user. The collected data serve only in order to administrate your requests, to optimize our offers and to be able to provide you information and offers tailor made to your profile.

Transfers of Personal Data

DESC will not sell, transfer or divulge personal data to a third party. In legal extend and within the scope of the users DESC can commission other companies with the execution of several tasks such as technical services for our websites etc. Those companies or persons can gain access to personal data exclusively in order to perform their special tasks and not for other purpose. To this determined circle of persons belong also the partners of DESC who need those data (e.g. education institutions, where participants are going to study, host families, etc.) in so far they are interested in one of the programs offered by DESC, having allowed the data transfer or when the transfer is legally allowed.

Occasionally we will send you with your approval our advertising information, e.g. invitations for information meetings, tickets for fairs, information about our new offers, newsletters, etc. If you don’t want to receive further advertising information we will stop the consignment.

DESC reserves its right to transfer personal data to the law of enforcement authorities and courts within the scope of the law to the criminal prosecution.

 Right to Access to Personal Data

You will retain the control on all your personal which you provide online. If you want to change the data stored in our system or your approval on sending you information you can inform us using our e-mail address. Furthermore you can control or sanitize the data stored by us or withdraw your approval to use them.


The so called Cookies are files, which are transferred from a website to the hard disc in order to collect and store them. The cookies allow storing important data making the use of the website more comfortable. DESC uses as most of the websites cookies in many ways upgrading the online performance for you.

It is also possible to use our online service also without cookies. Please, note that you can adjust your browser settings in order that you don’t receive cookies or that you are informed when a cookie is applied. To understand how you can change your cookie settings, please, on your browser the box „help“- box.

Links to Other Websites

Sometimes we offer also links to other websites not run by DESC. The data protection cannot be extended to those providers. In so far you want to visit those websites you should pay attention to the data protection offered by the relative provider and other information about data protection. We are not responsible for the practices of our cooperation partners.

Changes of Our Data Protection Dispositions

Sometimes it can be necessary to change the present data protection dispositions. Therefor we recommend checking them periodically. The dispositions will not be retrospectively changed and will not concern data collected before.

For further questions about our website and the data protection dispositions for the internet, please contact us.