Intercultural competency for good relations with China

During the last decades the trade connections with China were growing dynamically. China gained in importance for the European foreign commerce.

In the coming years the Chinese growth process will continue. With the cross national product also the incomes and the salaries will increase.

For instance studies assume that until the end of this decade the German exports to China as well as the imports from China will grow more rapidly than all German imports and exports together.

Furthermore the German exports to China will grow faster than the German imports from China. The same will happen to all the strong European economies

An appropriate preparation will allow also your company to take advantage by the Chinese growth and capitalize on the growing Chinese purchasing power.

DES|C will establish contacts with partners and arrange traineeships abroad.

DES|C plans and organizes your meetings abroad tailored to the specific needs of your company and accompanies the participants personally on site.

DES|C promotes the intercultural expertise of your staff imparting personal experience and language competency.