To students applying to participate in the European – Asia Pacific Education Program (EAPEP) demonstrating previous knowledge in the area concerned will be accorded higher priority in the admission process. EAPEP requires the documentation of all previous studies by certificates attested by the issuing academic institutes, schools etc., furthermore certified basic knowledge of the language of the hosting countries and a recommendation of the institute where the currently are studying or working.

Knowledge of English necessary all over the world and are considered an additional qualification.

Chinese students who are going to study for a semester abroad in Austria, Germany or in Switzerland need a certificate of the ASP (Academic examination division Peking). EAPEP offers individual preparation courses for the area concerned.

Preparation for long term exchange programs:

For the participation in the EAPEP exchange programs it is necessary to frequent the EAPEP preparatory courses. Preliminary short visits to the countries where the applicant plans to go are recommended and will be offered by the EAPEP organizers in order to test the suitability for the individual needs and expectations. After the preparation courses the applicants should be able to pass successfully the appropriate level of the Austrian Language Certificate required by the Universities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. EAPEP prepares for its participants also assessments testing besides the language level (min.A1-level, view attachment of the programs) also social skills. The assessments are not based on previous knowledge, but on application oriented and cross cultural competences.

After the successful assessment, the presentation of the application form and the documentation required DESC, the Austrian partner of EAPEP, prepares an individual offer and issues the official documents for the visa-application.

The applicant becomes automatically part of the EAPEP program, benefits from the information on the EAPEP data base and will be coached by the EAPEP staff. Participants will enjoy of this service also after the end of their sojourn abroad.

Application form for
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